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this one is a classic

couldn't have been more accurate

Love the game, but the second medal for the fourth minigame is borderline impossible to get. It should be 200 at the most.

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Nice! I haven't been on NewGrounds for a few weeks because of school starting but I'm back now and I like how you listened to my color request, I think it looks great!

I'm going to leave a review on this one because the one below me isn't even a fair review.... Anyways this one is a little sketchy, but the armor on not just this one, but all of your robots is really nice. Right now I'm working on a digital drawing of an armored warrior and your drawings helped me alot with thinking out all of the pieces (I'm not very good with armor). I'm going to give this one 4.5 just because it's a little bit sketchy, but otherwise very nice.

JUSTinnator3 responds:

Why thank you! I hope your digital armor is fleshed out well. I was running out of time at the library and got cocky again, but if the armor pieces are helping anyone than my artwork has served a higher purpose than what it would have if left offline.

You asked me to look at some others, so I looked at this one since it's the latest post. This one is actually a big improvement from the last, the angle looks much more natural and I like the detail you put into the fire sword. I think you should start outlining and coloring your stuff digitally because almost all of your sketches would look great with some color. Anyways, this one looks really well done.

JUSTinnator3 responds:

I agree about the digital coloring, but my only digitally colored work is done by a friend. My time has switched from gaming all the time to working all the time, so I ether get him to color it sooner or we all wait til the weather is too cold to paint houses.
Thanks for the kind words. I was a little worried at first about this one because I didn't pre-sketch his body parts like a good artist. I played by ear and tried to make up for it with loads of decorative detail to distract the eye. You can still vote on a preferred color in the private messages. Oh, and I was thinking of that sword as an energy sword with slight scimitar ridges or something.

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